Free to…

When we lived in Woodbine, my family began a tradition of driving to Jekyll to watch the fireworks on the beach. Not crowded like St. Simons, but we still got the benefit of watching both sets. I’m not sure if this is the first time that momma made these brownies, but I know that very soon, we began the tradition of having coffee blonde brownies, iced coffee, and cherries after the fireworks, waiting for the crazies to drive away. Later, we added the tradition of watching “Independence Day,” the second PG-13 movie I ever watched in the theater. And, although it is more of a “Christmas movie,” I feel like watching “Holiday Inn,” or at least Fred Astaire’s tap solo. After Bing Crosby sings “the song of freedom” then Fred explodes on the stage with poppers and one of my favorite dance numbers of all time.

I have not been able to join my family in this tradition every year since then, either I was at camp, or celebrating with PC friends at the American Embassy Party in Kenya. I didn’t see fireworks for 3 years running, last summer I made it a crucial point that I would see them, somewhere. I have tried to share my traditions with my friends, (it doesn’t hurt that I can cook), but I still miss standing out under the stars on the beach with my family as a kid, not nearly as jaded as I have become. 

So, here I am, back and ready to watch the fireworks again, to celebrate with new friends the freedom that allows us to sit outside and watch the beautiful explosions.


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