“Did you used to be scared of fireworks when you were a little kid?”


They are loud and bright explosions, by the way. What a privilege I have, that now when I hear the neighbors setting off fireworks, I can run outside to try to see them, not have to run to an interior room, and cover my head in fear of other kinds of explosions. With the pop pop pop of the bottle rockets, we have nothing more than ignorance to be scared of.

We are so lucky that we do not have to worry that the muffled sound of explosions is something of which protect ourselves from. When I lived next to Fort Benning, we would hear bombings on foggy days, and we knew that they would not come our way. When we lived next to the bridge that the local Air Force base used for trial runs, the scree of the jets and helicopters became something else we would look out in search of novelty. In movies, the bigger the better, even if they scoff at physics, like the huge explosion set in space.

Unfortunately, many in the rest of the world of do not have the same liberty of ennui at scattered explosions. Many, when they do hear the coming of the scattered pop pop pop of approaching forces, they take hold of those they love and pray for safety through the night. Or a different jadedness has grown in their hearts, that they must continue to live through the violence that surrounds them. Such that when they hear it approaching, they can gauge the distance and velocity of any imminent conflict, and so know how long until they must alter their plans.

I am glad I don’t have to be scared anymore.


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