“If there is one thing I’m good at…”

I find myself saying this a little too often to describe a skill that I think I have a decent level of skill at. As if to qualify myself, that I am not good at much, but that I think that if there is at least this one thing that I can do well, then it is sufficient for me to be in society. I have used it as a crutch and as a mask. And it’s not true.

Often, I am good at more than one thing that I think I would find helpful. And in both things that come natural, and things that I have worked at very (very) hard. I can also use this technique if I want to make it seem as though I am (falsely) humble. Because to keep from admitting my full weaknesses, I will use it to keep from revealing my full talents.

And if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s hiding.


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