My mother came to visit me over the weekend to hear me preach and to spend some time with me. I brought her to my second Field-Ed reflection group meeting. Although she was not at the actual reflection, she did come eat and hang out with us afterwards. Due to circumstances beyond my understanding, it was again made plain to me that I should have an interpreter.

See, my brain works inordinately faster than my mouth, which is something that she tells me is what happens to most other people, my problem is that I have a hard time reading people to tell if they are understanding me or not. As I said earlier this week to a friend of my sister’s, I have been working on training my friends to understand me. (Y’all really have been quite patient.)

For some odd, odd reason, I missed the part when you learn to convey the right things through my face. Or my thinking and remembering face is different than what others expect… Not really sure about that one.

Just another exciting part of spending time with me.


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