=Marvel. Wonder. Miracle. Spectacle.

1. Singular Quality: a singular, exceptional, or unusual quality. 2. Something unique or unusual: something that is unique, distinctive, or remarkable. 3. Characteristic: a distinguishing trait. 4. Hypothetical point in space: in astronomy a hypothetical region in space in which gravitational forces cause matter to be infinitely compressed and space and time to become infinitely distorted. 5. Function that is not differentiable: in mathematics, a point at which a complex function is undefined because it is neither differentiable nor single-valued while the function is defined in every neighborhood of the point.

I am not quite sure if I can precisely describe why I like this word. I especially like the fourth definition. The Mathematical one. The idea of infinite distortion is oddly appealing. Did Satan infinitely distort our hearts away from God? Can God infinitely distort our hearts back to follow and form the way they should be?

And of course I see myself in this definition, as I seek to be undefined.


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