Slipstream Dreams: Part Two

Do you need a ride home?

I would appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks.

No problem, you live on the way anyway.

Yeah? That’s great.

Did you have a good time tonight?

Sure, I really miss being out in the night like this, when the stars are out, and you can actually see them, I didn’t get this where I lived last.

Yeah, well, we charge a toll on stars for city girls.

Oh really?


And what is the toll?

Tell you later. It’s a secret.

Well. That’s interesting. Anything else I should be aware of, as I get used to the countryside again?


Yeah, I lived out in rural outlying towns the whole time I grew up. Farm country, pine trees, cows and honeysuckle, creeks, rivers, marsh, red clay, sandy dirt, magnolias, Spanish moss, sand gnats that get in your hair and bite you. All of it.

What about turkey shoots? Bluegrass? Pickin’ corn, okra, and ‘maters or shellin’ peas, snappin’ beans, or canning home grown pear preserves like my friend’s momma always did?

Well… kinda, but we never actually lived on a farm, we just lived near them. But I remember moonlit games of ultimate and manhunt. Such fun as kids at church.

So, you were raised going to church?

Yeah. I lived in the country…


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