(un)Mind your step.

I was thinking about my hike on Saturday. (Six miles in 2 hours 45 min. The mountain part was a hard 4 in 2. Great hike guys.) And I realized that I have learned some things from my sporadic hiking.

When I went on my first few hikes, I always was so concerned about where I was stepping, and if I was going to be able to do it, that I kept forgetting to enjoy what I was doing, and what I could see. I was unfamiliar with what I was doing, and was afraid of losing my step.

In the past year I have learned more about dancing. And especially about how once you learn the basic step, the dance becomes much better if you let it flow, instead of forcing it. I was watching someone teach a waltz by stamping and counting. Better to know the basics, then just flow with the music. Because though it is a ONE two three, it’s not quite that firm. Once you stop looking at your feet, you can enjoy the dance.

This is also something I have now learned to do while I hike. Although there is quite a bit that is at your feet, if you do not look up you will miss the view. And really, that is what the hike is about. If you wanted to just punish your body, there are easier ways. (read: elliptical). But if you are going to climb up a mountain, you should stop and see what is around you. Because it is beautiful.

I need to remember to do this more often, even in my day to day life. To stop and look around. (not quite in the clichéd way of stopping to smell the roses, but almost.) But I have found that I do miss things when I am so focused on where and what I am doing next.

This week I dare you to stop. Look up. And see what God has given you to experience with fresh eyes.


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