I am supposed to be writing my report for the organization that I am working for this summer. Yeah. Not so much. Instead, let me ramble on about how I do not feel like reporting on my research of this summer.

Don’t get me wrong. It will get done. It always does. Imagine what I could do if I could actually focus… Arg. Well… I did only get 5.5 hours of decent hours of sleep last night. Went to sleep at 1a, woke up at 5:45a (because I was thinking about stuff), looked at hymns, took a cat nap as the sun was rising, and now I am here, supposedly on a schedule. Yeah right.

The Baristas at Starbucks now know what I want without me even saying a word. It may be that I have been too much this summer.

I have learned quite a bit this summer. Quite. Like: people will tell you just about anything. Especially if they have you at their mercy as a listening ear. And trust me, I am so one of those. (been training a while.) And video cameras are fun to play with, but you can edit people to say what ever you want. That is not my plan, but I could do it. Especially when I receive so much great material. Too bad I plan to use my power for good.

I have learned that this organization is doing great things. People benefit from having a house that is theirs. Really odd/interesting for me to learn, seeing as how I have rarely lived in a family owned house. Stability? What is that?


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