I had yet another interview today for my organization. The sad part is, with a few of the families that I have interviewed, they get more comfortable and we chat after I turn off the camera. And that is the time when they say a couple of things that I truly wish I had to put in my video. But these things that they say would never have been said if they were still on the camera, because it is when I am able to share a little of myself, also. Which is not what the interviews are about.

Generally when they learn that I am going into ministry but not sure about being a pastor, they are surprised, because I am so personable, kind, and open. (I wish I have a mirror at those times, want to look around, make sure they are talking to me and not my twin or something.) Truly, it does not take much to make someone talk about their favorite subject, (themselves). That is not a particularly bad thing, but I have learned how to get them to talk. And for my future ministry, this is a good thing to learn. And if we can get them out of their shells, and get them to talk about their faith, then as a pastor, I can know what better to teach when I know their struggles.

So, if nothing else, that is what I have learned this summer, along with my grab bag of flexible new tricks. And that there is no such thing as strangers, after you ask questions that matter.


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