Signs of Promise

Driving back to the middle of the state yesterday we had some crazy weather. I love thunderstorms, but I also love rainbows. Not in the frilly pink skirt and ribbons way, but in the sign of God’s promises. God promises that we will be held in a safe place. But God most certainly does not promise that we will be kept from harm. The opposite, actually. Since we are joined on to God’s task, we are called to fight on the side of the Most High God. Neither for us or against us, God works for divine purposes, we should seek to fulfill these same purposes.

When we struggle, we struggle for something that should be beyond our power. Our silly, messy, human complaints cannot hold a candle to the effect that God and God’s power has over us. When we complain about our silly struggles, like getting caught in traffic, twisted up in convoluted relationships, or things over which we have absolutely no control (and which ultimately do not matter), such as the price of gas, we belittle the greatness of God.

In these situations, the best action is surrender, and attentive listening to the word of God. As we seek the revelation of God’s plan through the reading and study of Scripture, conversations with spiritual mentors, and prayer and listening to God in our prayer closets, we should anticipate that God will indeed respond, in time.

But it still hurts while we wait.


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