July Recap

Well friends, I have completed my first ever month of continuous blogging. (Just about 10,000 words. Kraziness. This time last year I would have told you were mad if you said that I would write that many words for fun!) I have enjoyed the challenge of writing daily and keeping abreast of daily thoughts, activities, and events. Since school is starting next month, the posts are not going to be quite as regular, but still will come.

Yet to come: The conclusion of my Slipstream fiction piece, more sermons, more worship experiences, random thoughts on mission and ministry, and other fun stuff that is yet to be discovered. I invite you to join me in the journey of listening to the still small voice of the orchestrator.


4 thoughts on “July Recap”

  1. WOW! i didn’t know that site existed until yesterday. perhaps i’ll suck it up in september and sign up. there are only 30 days in sept. ( :

  2. If you want, I can challenge you to it, I had a friend challenge me to the month of July. (but, don’t you already post daily, anyway? for the most part?)

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