Dead Line

I both desire and abhor deadlines. They are good for one thing and one thing alone: getting me to buckle down. But, if like today, the deadline changes (and moves up, not once, but twice) that can get me into a bit of a tizzy. Especially if it is something about which I am not passionate.

Today “Mr. R” decided to continue to micromanage my work… Ahh. Joy. Well… hey. I have not had to work so closely with him all summer, so I guess that since this is his expertise, I will take his advice. And do what he says. This does make me glad that I have done most of the work already. Imagine if he had not seen it yet. And still needed to fix it to the way he expects. I mean, they are just numbers to me.

To be fair, he changed the deadline to make us (and our funders) look better. And to allow the best use of folks time once we actually do get together to discuss my summer research project. fun. So I’ll plod on through and then work on the fun part, telling the story, after I have accomplished this.

What? Tell a story? Is that possible dear? Oh, yes. See, I have learned something.


1 thought on “Dead Line”

  1. I understand the love/hate relationship with deadlines. I hate the panic that goes along with them, but ultimately, without them, I can’t get anything done. Maybe SOMETIME in the next ten years, I’ll be able to work without them.

    G’luck with your project!

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