Compulsive Scarves

I love scarves. I might have a problem. I do not now know how many I posses. How did this happen?

See, Pretty
See, Pretty

Possibly, that I needed to wear them while my neck was throbbing (all the time). Truly, I wore them inside before it was trendy (I promise… have I ever actually followed a trend merely because it was trendy? Yeah.). Then I figured out that they were the easiest way to get warm or cool off when my body temperature changed rapidly (hot flashes are not just for the menopausal).

This Leso can also be used as a skirt in a pinch.
This Leso can also be used as a skirt in a pinch.

Now, I have such a wide collection of them, and yet occasionally I still see one that I want. There is a green one at Target that I have been obsessively checking over the summer, waiting for it to go on sale. It is almost exactly like four (or six) other ones that I have, but it is a muted spring green, and it would go with my blue favorites. (really?)

These were on sale.
These were on sale.

Yet, as I was obsessively checking last night, I happened to see one that I ended up walking out of the store with (I did purchase it beforehand). It’s a lighter weight, so I convinced myself that it is “perfect” for the fall and spring, and any other time when fancy hits. Why not?

Kikoi=cover-up, jacket, or towel.
Kikoi=cover-up, jacket, or towel.

There are others, also.

Now I want a hat.

Ennui is not good for my credit card.


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