Home for a Nomad

Forever as I was growing up, home was where my parents lived. This changed frequently. I remember the time that I received my weekly phone call in Kenya, when my ‘rents let me know they would be moving. In essence my hometown moved while I was living somewhere else, and I had a new hometown for 5 months before I had ever seen the house.

So I have been wondering where home is now that I am an adult. Is it where I go to school? I don’t think I will live at home yet again after this round of school (at least, that is not in my plan, but I love the ‘rents, and wouldn’t mind it, but I need a change).

I talk to myself, and I called Durham home today while I was ranting to myself. So, has NC become home? perhaps. It is where  many of my friends are, (well… not most of them right this instant, but it’s break). Perhaps home, for me, is where I am together with those whom I love, and who love me. And that’s enough, for now.

So, I am ready to get back home.


1 thought on “Home for a Nomad”

  1. i like this.

    when i moved from KS, i had been thinking about the concept of “home” for a long time. is the home of my parents the home for me? should it be? why? or why not? does it feel like home?

    when i leave NC i feel like i’m leaving home. i love the trees and the weather and my church and mostly the people. can i have a home that’s so far away from my family?? ahh! i don’t know!

    how do you know when to put your roots down? how do you know where your roots belong? is it easier when you have someone going where you’re going with you (aka when you’re married)? if i’m not married am i supposed to stay within a 30 mile radius of my parents?

    these are my thoughts on home. i haven’t planted roots, but maybe someday…


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