There is a woman here at my “home church” that has adopted me. I am her surrogate granddaughter. She began sending me cards in the mail last summer, really to be able to do something for me. I am grateful. She is a good woman.

She lost her daughter of 50 years this April (during exams). I called her to let her know I was praying for her through the ordeal that led up to the death of her daughter. She had sent me a letter telling me of a visit to another new church plant earlier in the year. I had kept it, more because I am interested in church growth and evangelism, rather than because it was about her daughter, but a little because of that too.

Today we went to lunch and I ended up running some errands with her. (God is teaching me to go without plans.) We went to Open Door, because she is leading a fundraiser in honor of her daughter for that inner city mission, we went to pick up a donated grill, for the silent auction for the fundraiser, and then she was like: do you want to go to Dillard’s to get a top, they are having a sale. (I got two, they were really on sale.)

We chatted. We talked. We had fun. (How old is this woman? 70 something?)

My mother pointed out that what we did today is what she and her daughter would have done. This reminds me that I always need to be available and open to opportunities of ministry.

Today I was open to the ministry of presence. Sometimes that is all I need to do. Is be open to what is around me.


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