Liturgical Yearnings

This summer I attended church regularly, but I basically church hopped all summer. For some odd reason, I did not have Eucharist or a communal confession all summer long. I missed this. On Sunday I went to the church that I attended all last year. I missed it so terribly much. Though I said the Creed a few times, these central pieces I feel that are central to the community of faith we missed out.

And for this reason, I am glad to be back at School.


1 thought on “Liturgical Yearnings”

  1. I totally missed it, too. We only had Communion twice this summer, once on my first Sunday and once on my last. I felt like crying. I actually missed it that much.

    We did do the Apostles’ Creed, though, every Sunday, and the Lord’s Prayer. And the Doxology. I can’t believe I grew up without these things. It is the language of my heart.

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