Instead of an Act, Make it a Practice.

Last year as I was learning how to do seminary, one of the problems I had was in balancing all the different assignments, readings, classes, work study, and fun things to do in class. I struggled with what I should do, when I should do it, and how much time I should commit to each endeavor. By October I found myself lost in the sea of assignments and crazy new things that I was learning, both in class and out.

As a result, I acquired a possibly unhealthy talent of sleeping less, and then balancing the time I had leftover with reading and play. As My second semester began, I actually was able to stay ahead of assignments and readings, almost for the entire first month of class, but then I began to be weary with the effort of keeping up with all my studies, without the benefit of a proper release in my friends.

Granted, though the work load was harder, I felt that I was able to accomplish those things that I needed to do in my class. And because of my trial by fire the first semester I actually had learned how to do seminary. The second semester was not as hard, since I had actually learned how to write and gear my thoughts theologically.

Now as I begin my third semester, you would think that because I have had all this practice that I would know what to do now. But, that is not the case. How do I balance my studies with the rest of my life? How do I get enough sleep when I am having so much fun not sleeping? Granted, the readings get done, I get sleep, and I worship regularly.

But to go from here, with the friends that I have, how do I keep old friends, and make new relationships? It is a tenuous path to be sure. And it is a path which I feel is one, since it is so new, that I should pay attention to, to be sure that I am following the proper direction, one that will actually bring more balance to my life. I don’t need to disappear into a new world, the old one is one in which I had support and seeming balance.

But perhaps that is the challenge, in finding ever new ways to balance all the new things that I continue to learn about myself and the world around me. Perhaps the practice I had last year here at Div School was preparation for this new set of challenges in learning how to balance a life. Because it surely is a challenge to which I want to rise.


1 thought on “Instead of an Act, Make it a Practice.”

  1. God never gives us antyhing he knows we can’t handle. I went to college 7 years, full-time, in my 40’s. It was exhausting, but thhose challenges prepared me to be an excellent child and family counselor. God sure knows what He’s doing when he puts difficult tasks in our way. It develops our character and faith beyond what we could have ever imagined!

    God’s Blessings,

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