You may have heard the song about fences

“Don’t fence me in”

But I say:

“Don’t box me up.”

I do not fit in your box,

Your box cannot hold me.

You may try to understand me,

But soon, if you understand me at all

You will realize that

It is impossible.

Boxes can be prettified

Boxes can be made of glass

Or wood

Or paper

But there not a box in the world

that could be constructed to describe me.

It would “be the ultimate insult” to place me into a box.

But there are things that are cherished that are in boxes.

Rings, presents, treasured photos and found items.

To appreciate even these thing

You must take them out of the box.

If you leave them in the box, they may be safe

They may not get tarnished

Or lost

Or broken

But they will never see their full potential.

So throw away that box of smothering ideologies

That pretends to help

And embrace the box-less universe that opens before you.


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