Seeking quiet.

Seeking peace.

Calm assurance.

Comfort and knowledge that everything is alright.

Perhaps not.

Perhaps refuge is peace within the storm.

I love storms.

They scare me.

Lightning flash and thunder roll.

Seas crash and roar.

The eye is surrounded by the strongest part of the storm.

The violence swirls around me and all I want to do is sleep.

And watch for what is next.

I want to see it.

Where is it going?

What will happen next?

How will the power of God’s nature change the very form of the earth?

It is an amazing force to be reckoned with.

But it is impossible to reckon with it.

Those who try are destroyed.

But to seek to work with the flow of God’s will,

To work in the form and pattern of the grain,

There is the quiet and comfort that we seek while we go into the world.

And there is God’s refuge.


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