Is Anyone There?

When do you ask that?

It’s dark and you cannot see.

The door is lighting you from behind and your shadow is stretching out in front of you. There are obstructions in the way. The rooms are not all open to each other. You are not expecting someone to be there, but you must ask, just in case.

But what if there is someone there, and they do not want to answer? Is that better or worse? Are they afraid, or going to hurt you?

Such great questions, and no great answers.

Am I hiding when someone asks me if I am there? Am I really there? Am I present for my friends who need me to listen to them? Am I disengaging my thoughts from the present circumstance to gloss over the stress that is about to roar over me? Will I stay? Will I go? Will I even be able to answer, even if I want to? Will I be there? Can I stand? Will anyone join me? Is it going to work? Is what going to work? Is it broken? What are we talking about anyway?


Is anyone there?

I want the answer to be yes. And the answerer to be the one that I need to take me into comforting arms that do not let me get lost again. There I am.


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