Difficult Decision

When I returned from Kenya, it was difficult to decide which cereal to choose from the grocery store. So many options. They disabled me. Paralyzed my processes of deciding what to do.

What makes a difficult decision? Too many options, or not enough, or the seemingly wrong options?

Sometimes we wait too long in making our decisions that the options decline to having to choose between the lesser of two ills, evils, or inconveniences.

Sometimes we are given choices that we want to make, and then find that the decision is made for us.

Sometimes I have made a decision, and then new evidence comes and I find that I want to change my decision. Or the option to change it arises, and I want nothing more than to change the decision that I had already put so much energy into making.
What do we do when we have said we will do something, and we have brilliant reasoning behind the decision, the task and the procedure of the next steps, and then circumstances shift, and we want nothing more than to return to what seems so dreadfully right?
Is it right? Is it wrong? Surely the lines are not that clear. Our lives are not lived in a contrast of blacks and whites, but a succession of greys. Those grey lines are quite tricky. The lines shift and slide and move. They are not set in stone. Or are they? It depends on how you interpret the stone. Or how you interpret the lines. Or how you interpret the grey.

Do not be deceived, when it really matters, I do make a decision. I have clear reasons for my decision. I have written them down. I know them.

How does my decision affect my community? How do my decisions change the way that my community operates? How do I live faithfully in my community, and with my fellow believers?

I make a decision that follows Christ. (But that is so hard sometimes.)


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