Shooting stars.
Brilliant stars.
Falling stars.
Shining stars.
Dim stars.
Dying stars.
Stars exploding into nebulae.
Stars being born, created, made new.
Star light, star bright.
Starlight, candle light.
Starlit clouds.
Starlit seas.
Fields of stars across the sky.

You cannot see them when the clouds come.
You cannot see them when the moon is bright.
You cannot see them when the lights of the city wash out their brilliance.
You cannot see the stars at times like these, even when you want to.
They are hidden from our sight by things we cannot control.

I try to control.
I can drive out into the country, to escape the streetlights.
But the clouds come.
The moon rises and all around me is lit up like day, but the stars are hidden.

See the stars when you can.
Take the time to watch the stars.

We watch the stars as if they are going to do something.
But they have been going in the same circles since the earth began its orbit.
We watch the circles, see the changes and the revisions,
As the stars begin the patterns anew each season.

The stars see us.
They watch us.
Do we go in circles the same as they do?

When the morning comes and the stars are hidden by our closer star, our Sun, we know that they will return.
But only if we watch for them, will we see the new circles they have been waiting to dance.


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