As I was driving home today from preaching at my two-point charge I was listening to the Christian radio station and the close of the top twenty program. There was a short about praying with a specific band, and Fee was featured. They did a segment about watching TV and the news report of a pastor shot in the pulpit, which they realized was where they were going to be leading worship in five days. They spoke about the pastor’s wife testifying to about the defeat of Satan through the faithfulness of the congregation.

It was a moving testimony. But more so because I realized that I was just in that position, of taking on the authority of the Word of God.

This marks the seventh Sunday I have taken on the mantle of the responsibility of bearing the word of God to the people of God. As I realized today, it is not just talking to a group of people about a simple essay I have written the week previous. This thing which I have taken on is the action of becoming the direct instrument of the Holy Spirit bringing the word of God to the community gathered around me. Or at least, I am an instrument as much as I will allow God to use me.

What trust God must have in me, that I am allowed to do this. It is truly beyond my comprehension. I do not understand why God would choose a broken, imperfect, fallible person such as me to speak to his children.

Also, I re-realized that when I am preaching, in that eleven o’clock hour, there are innumerable others who are receiving and delivering the Word of God to the people of God. I am so incredibly privileged to be a member of this host that preaches God’s word. How did this happen? How did I get placed in this position of enormous responsibility? Partly because I am fulfilling a requirement for my education, but the reason that I am even undergoing this education is because God has called me to learn more about how to serve in God’s Church.

I praise God, in trembling amazement, that I have been given this opportunity to preach the Truth of God. Let me never forget that it is not my words that I bring, but God’s only.


1 thought on “Responsibility”

  1. The reason God chooses a “broken, imperfect, fallible person such as me to speak to his children” is precisely so that when someone’s heart is touched, all will know it was GOD, not the likes of you or me. We who are broken, imperfect, fallible and know it are much more willing to be used as instruments in the hands of the One who is whole, perfect, infallible and all loving. Either that or God is just nuts to choose the likes of us!

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