Tedious? …or Therapeutic

Let’s face it, I just didn’t feel like being eloquent.

I did, however, feel like folding paper for six hours yesterday. Yes, it was actually fun. And now I have the beginning of my Christmas decorations to go on my ceiling.

Brief story: when I went to visit my sister in France Christmas of 2008, I took a six inch just-add-water tree, and a book of origami and paper. (Need to find that direction book). I made Trees, reindeer, cranes, boxes, and “throwing” stars. The throwing stars are my favorite, because they can be folded up to stay in perfect formation, and never fall open. They are also quite durable, and since they do stick together, they do throw quite well. I stuck them up on her ceiling in France for the holidays, and she never took them down. (They might still even be there…)

Since I have these stars that I really like, and I had a new book of (horrible directions of not real origami) and halfway decent paper, I set myself down yesterday and was crafty. I asked if my cousin had a paper cutter, and what do you know, she did. And so I began. And just didn’t stop.

If I had been forced to do it, it would have been another question altogether. But since I was visiting and chatting and watching TV and didn’t want to be doing anything else, it was a welcome respite from the craziness that is the end of semester. The calm in the midst of the storm.

And now I have an unknown number of stars with which to decorate our apartment.


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