A Challenge

In less than two days I will be done with my exams for the semester. This means more blog updates for you my readers (whether faithful or happenstance). Many of the posts I made over the semester were directly from prompts I received in my spiritual formation class. I am not going to be attending this class again until the middle of January. This means that I will not be receiving the prompts that lead to my poetry or other philosophical musings over the course of the term.

So, with this free time, I want to invite you to send me prompts to facilitate my writing. Yes, I have kept some ideas on the back burner, and I am excited to explore and prepare them for posting. But, the fun stuff like red and stars will probably not happen without the help of your prompts.

So. Comment on this post and I’ll make a good faith effort to follow the same practice that I followed over the semester. It was fun, so really, you will be helping me to have fun over my break.

Come on, you know you want to.


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