Still Evolving

My Ideas are evolving. I change. I adapt. I learn. I shift. I grow. I give new things to new people. I continue to take new challenges and to see and to learn new things. I venture out to new places. Each time I go somewhere, it is new because I am new. My self learns. My self changes. My self grows.

I am so glad that I am not stuck in one form, one place, or one time. My situation cannot help but improve. I am forced to be different. Different than I was, different than I will be. The time is different. So glad I am changing. Evolving. Still evolving.

As I began divinity school I did not know what I was getting myself into. I knew it would be hard. I did not realize the kind of hard it would be. I had to change the way I read, thought, spoke, reasoned, wrote. I was lost for a few months, steeped in the complex tapestry of the shifting faces and friends that I met each day. My worship changed. My singing changed. My understanding changed. I grew.

As I continue my ministry in school and at church I am struck by what I have been forced to change. I am drawn to consider all other positions, and respect the people who represent them. On any given day I can talk about Aquinas, Augustine, Aristotle, Yoder, Dante, Milton, and Satan. Sometimes all in the same conversation.

My mind is ever required to come to new places and new conclusions. I am having to learn to see things in new ways. I would not have it any other way. The creature of my mind is becoming ever new. Continuous rebirth and resurrection overtake me each time I find a new direction to approach a controversial idea. As ideas overtake my mind, I am washed in the violent flood of a refreshing source of growth.

And my mind is still evolving.


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