Get Disciplined

Oh goodness, it sounds so violent. So radical. So harsh.

And yet, so necessary.

Find a way to live in a discipline.

Making my life disciplined.

Letting me become a part of a more disciplined community.

And then, letting the discipline be not for its own sake, but to enable me to live more fully into my community.

That is why I am going to refocus on attending morning prayer when I am on campus, carry my own cup, bowl, and plate so I do not use disposables, participate in service projects through the school and in the wider world, and work to find other ways that I can be a better part of my community.

What is my community, you might ask? Well: the div school, for one; and my churches, who are becoming more of a community to me the more that I serve with them, talk with them, learn with them. I suppose I really have many communities of which I am a part, and I seem to collect them as I go along.

This can encourage me to live well in them, but it also allows me to be more shallow. For those who only see me 5 hours a week, how much can they really know me? How much can I really know them? How much do I want to?

It is safer, of course, to not get involved, to let them think what they will about me and to serve my time. But that is not the point of my service. I serve to serve the body of Christ. And so I have to open myself, even to those who do not let me show my best part. Even to those who will never see my best part because they refuse to look clearly at me. I must be vulnerable in order to serve in ministry.

That is a discipline. A discipline of vulnerability. A time when I choose to be open, expecting that I may be hurt, injured in service. Not for the sake of injury, but for the sake of the community. For the sake of the body of Christ, I will choose to be open. Open to what God will have me to do.

Now I pray that I can listen and obey.


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