Psalm 51

Rend our hearts Lord, and not our garments.

That we may be fully open to you and available to all that you have given to us.

Let us be sacrificed to you that we may be yours, and yours only, O God.

Rend our hearts and create new ones in us.

Let us be wholly and unashamedly open to you, and your work.

Have mercy on me.

Have mercy on us.

Have mercy.

Let me not be my own self, for I have been pursuing my own interests for far too long.

Clean me Lord.

I cannot do it, we cannot do it on our own.

Cleanse my lips, my life, through the layers to my very core.

Cleanse me from my sins so that even I forget them.

Place me under the rushing fountain of your purity that I may be entered into it.

Let me be under your will, your direction, your ways, O God.

I am tired of living in my own filth.

I cannot stand looking at my own grimy ways.

I am unworthy to be in your presence.

Unworthy to ask for your help.


Help me become clean.

Help me turn away from what I have been doing, from all that I have become.

Create in me a new heart and let me live as your own.

O God, I want to live in you.

I cannot stand without you.

I will crawl to you to find my way.

Light my path to find you.

Direct my steps.

Guide me into your arms.

I ache for you.

Heal me.


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