Unfamiliar Territory

Going in to the unknown. La la lala lala la. I can’t hear you. I don’t want to see how scary it could be. No. Let me find out for myself. Don’t cover my mind with your ideas. I want to figure it out on my own. You haven’t been here. You have only heard things and I do not want to know what they are. Nymaza. NYMAZA! [Shut up. SHUT UP!] Stay out of my dreams. Don’t kick me out of my house. Don’t make me go there. Keep that saw away from me! The quiet is deafening, but the noise is making my chest throb. Twists and turns that keep me guessing. I have to keep pointing like a ballerina so I don’t get dizzy, but the world keeps spinning anyway.

La la lala lala la.

Where are we going any way? Where are you taking me? Do I really want to be there? I am so good at moving, I forgot how to stay. If I keep moving, I won’t be a target, they will not be able to find me, any shots that they shoot will go wide, because they are just guessing.

Unless of course they get lucky, or hear me.


You can’t hear me.

Don’t listen to what I am saying anyway.

It’s not really that important.

This does not matter to you.

It will not be on the final.

Please disregard the previous explosion, the story changes from here.

“Once upon a time…”

Maybe that would be more true.

“Twas brillig…”

But that would be more real.

If we distort the story enough, we may arrive at the truth. Or maybe truth will arrive at us. You never know what will happen when you go into unfamiliar territory.


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