Response to “Where is God?” Mark Nepo

Broken. I don’t want to be broken any more. I don’t want my family to be broken any more. I don’t even know why we are breaking. I have experienced the twists and turns of the crises that fill our lives every day and I still do not understand this purpose.
What if I don’t want to see what lies underneath? What if I already know that I don’t like what is there? What if I am afraid to find out that what has been hidden is really, truly, not worth being exposed.
I am not brave enough to be naked like that.
Dear God, that is not what I feel like doing right now. Can’t I just continue in my life as usual, taking care to not catch my skirt on the thorns so that the trailing strings do not unravel?
Perhaps I do need those thorns to catch and unravel me, so that I can be exposed for what I really am. For who I really am. But it will take courage. It will take something not of me. I will need to begin to be unraveled if the process is going to continue.
And then, with the trailing strings that have been strewn along the path, with the twigs and dirt in them, comb out the skeins, refine them, use them to make something more beautiful. Dress me in that. Clothe me in what you would have me put on, not these current rags in which I protest. Make me match your magnificence.


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