Always Prepared

I carry so much with me. I have a bag full of things that come with me wherever I go. I am always prepared for everything. I was a girl scout, so I use that as an excuse for what I carry, but truly, it is more because I don’t want to be caught out without something I might need. Some of these things I haven’t needed in over a year, but you never know, just maybe. Why wouldn’t you carry a compass in your backpack? Or summer tattoos? I know where to find them, and since I move so often, it comes in handy, knowing where I need to look. Are you cold? (common here at school) Well, I have a wrap from Kenya, called a Kikoi that you can use to wrap around your shoulders, or waist, or neck. Or you can use it as a picnic blanket. Or a towel, even a skirt, if it comes to it.

If I don’t have it, and you need it, then I must have failed. I am the ultimate mother, I have Band-Aids for your fingers, ibuprofen for your headaches, and duct tape for your heels. Tissues for when you cry, water for when your throat is dry, and an extra pencil and eraser for writing and taking away what you want to hide.

I have everything.

It is getting heavy. Is it me being prepared or burdened by what I have? I cannot just write about one thing, because I am so distracted by all the stuff I have. I have so much stuff. And I cannot let it go, because you might need it. Don’t you need a flashlight in case the power goes out? Don’t you need a post-it to mark your place? Don’t you need an energy bar to get you through the rest of the day? I have it. And I have too much.


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