Turning the Tables

Shifting the ways things have been done.
It’s an act of subversion.
An act of denial of the system.
Jesus came in and refused to allow the money-changers continue to take advantage of the people of Israel.
What would happen if we came in and turned over the tables when we saw injustice?
It takes more than destroying an injustice, because injustice fills a vacuum, Justice must be created.
Waking us up to the new creation of a new, Just, world.
How do we bring this to pass? How do we subvert the idea that is present? We must create a new world for those who have been caught up in the shifting sands of all those tables of injustice.
It is a new idea, a new order, a new creation.
And that is what God offers to us, the new creation, offered in the Holy Image.
We are then invited to turn the tables, to be that new Creation.
To live in the life of sharing the table together.


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