Getting Excited

Columbus, GA, USA.

It is happening again. I will be leaving for Kenya in a week. A week! You may or may not know, but I have been before, I lived in Kenya for a year and a half before beginning at Duke Divinity School. But then I was serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer. Now I get to serve in Ministry. I get to serve with a great team that will be supported in prayer by so many who love and care for us. Four of us will be going to Kenya representing Duke this year: Brandon, Laura, Sanetta, and I (initials: KBLS=cables. bound together in service). We covet your prayers as we learn to work together and learn to work in a new environment, so different than our own. The rest of my team has not lived in Kenya before, and it has been nearly three years since I was there. The sights, sounds, and smells are sure to flood our senses.

I am looking forward to seeing Kenya again, through new eyes; the eyes of my friends and fellow students. I am getting excited about many things: the feel of the heat of the sun on the equator, the bright stars at night, the smell of nyama choma (Kenyan barbecued meat) cooking on a charcoal stove. But most of all I am getting excited about meeting our new friends, the guardians, the parents, the children, the faithful servants that have been living in a hard place and doing God’s good work in the field.

Pray as we journey to Indianapolis and then to Kenya, and learn about the partnership with which we will be working, so that we can continue to follow in the steps of those before us and journey alongside those already there.

I am eager to begin work, and that work begins soon.


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