Leaving to Serve

Kathy Randall: Indianapolis, IN, USA

The team has spent nearly a week in Indianapolis. We have met so many people and heard so many ideas, that it is going to take the whole flight to think through all that we have already learned. Praise God that I am going with a team this time, a team that is going with the sole purpose of serving and loving the people that we are going to see, and most importantly minister with under the presence and calling of God. We are so blessed to be going to spend seven weeks with the Umoja Project, a program through Global Interfaith Partnership.

We leave North UMC (one of the partner congregations) before noon today, and we will not land in Kenya until late in the evening tomorrow. We will be travelling for over 24 hours in the next two days. It will be a very long journey, but it will be so worth it.

As we journey, we covet your prayers for travelling mercies. For us, it will be important that our hearts be broken for the people that we see, that we can see the needs, but also see the people for who they are. Let us learn, let us serve, let us be ministers to all we see.


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