Kenyan Roulette

Kathy Randall: Lela Station, Maseno Division, Kenya
Meals, served at a Kenyan table, are generally brought in heat keeping thermos like bowls. You never know what is in the three to seven bowls until the prayers are given and dinner is open. Generally the ugali will be out, served on a plate like a huge cake of twice thick grits, but sometimes even that is hidden. It is like a treasure hunt, seeing what is on the table.
There is, however, an element of danger in each meal served. It could be that what is under one of those innocent lids is something that you don’t want to eat. A rare occasion for me, but it still occurs. And then there is the fact that the hidden things, the things that you can never see with the naked eye might be hiding in any of these dishes, or even on the serving utensils, or in the ubiquitous cups of chai. In my time here, I am now in my second round of losing at Kenyan Roulette. I don’t know what it is this time, all I know is that I hurt and feel weak. Again, I’m glad it is me, and not my teammates. I’ve been sick in this country before, so I should be used to it, but I’m not very good at being sick, I’m a horrible patient. So. We’ll see. Pray that maybe I won’t lose at the next round.


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