While I was in Kenya this summer I stayed with a number of host families. Mary, one of my Mamas while I was there told me near the beginning of the week that one of her favorite foods from America were pancakes. I knew I could make pancakes. I usually make them Aunt Jemimah style, you know, just add water and pour. But when I lived in Kenya the first time I had a cookbook that helped me, and I knew I could make pancakes from scratch. I got my mom to send me a recipe, and one evening I set out the ingredients and cooked pancakes, and syrup, from scratch. She loved it. When I was standing in the kitchen, and each pancake came off the griddle, in turn, she was surprised at how each of them cooked up before her eyes. But while I was making them, a few times, since I didn’t have a spatula, they didn’t turn exactly right. They flipped a bit, well, oddly. In my lack of the right tools, and long time since I had practiced, the pancakes were not really right. But they still tasted good.


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