I am born again in the midst of each new day. Even those days waking from nights when I do not sleep, I enter the new day fresh and new. This is my entry to the world, the time when I come out to the way of life and enter the daily rush.

And then I meet those who teach me how to live. they teach me how to live by my interaction, my life with them. This is the way that I come to enter my new life, to live in my body, to renew my soul.

So that when I am finished, when I come to my resting place for the night, I will be ready to be born again, tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “birth”

  1. Hello Kathy,

    My name is Julia Rice and I am a social artist who normally lives north of Barcelona, Spain. I am in San Francisco until November doing an art project and exhibition on women, beauty and aging. I’m writing you because I recently started a blog for my project on wordpress and today came across your featured blog. The spiritual centeredness of it is in my same wavelength.

    And to give you a bit of background, much of my artwork has been about how media (advertising, movies, TV, etc) influences us as women in such big (negative) ways and in so doing, strips us of our power and energy for other much more important things.

    In this current project, I am interviewing women, aged 60 and older, on their views of beauty when they were in their 20s compared to what they believe now. I then make photographs & paintings of their faces. I’ve also started a blog with the same questions for any woman to do online.

    I just wanted to let you know that I really liked your blog. Good luck as you continue along in divinity school. I know what you mean about going with the flow as you write your thesis. I feel the same way about this project. Thanks for your time. I wish you the best as you continue on with your work.


    Julia Rice

  2. What an amazing way to live life. I intend to let your beautiful comment improve my own perspective. Try reading the poem “Wild Geese.” I think you will like it if you don’t already know it.

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