Prompt of Six

Sound the Alarm! It is not an emergency, it is merely an event where we all must walk outside in the cold. And so I trudge. Without my coat, but still with my possibly dirty spoon in my backpack, prepared for the German Chocolate Cheesecake or impossible hot chocolate, but not for the tired, gothic new cathedral towers hiding me from the sun.

Wait, no. It’s just cold. And there is no cheesecake. I have nothing. I am merely cold, my knees and ears facing the biting wind. Thank God it hadn’t started raining yet. I was in no position to be judged for a wet T-Shirt contest, and I had dressed up so that I could sing. Now the ridges on my seemingly soft shoes have cut into my feet, and the bands of my socks have created a lasting impression around my calves, and my hair didn’t have its hat but it is still impressed into a cloche, because it was still wet in the cold.

But I do give thanks that I woke up warm and comfortable. Nestled in my covers and snuggly. Don’t judge me for my snuggleyness, or for the gaping red shirt that dares and surely intends to defy my intentions of modesty.

Twist around my finger, encircle both my wrists, dangle from my ears. Be my creation.

Refuse to listen.

I want my hot chocolate to apparate and come fill me with warmth again. Let me stir it with my slightly dirty spoon that cleans itself as it travels with me wherever I go.

But it is no emergency. It is not a time when we will be judged for what we carry. That is for later. When we end up finding the ends of the world at the roots of the tall gothic towers reaching elegantly into the sky and daring to block the sun.

[this was a writing exercise challenging me to incorporate six random words into my writing. if you want to try to figure out the six words, be my guest.]


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