Describe a Stranger: The Woman

She has begun to study Spanish. She is planning to go to Spain to escape the reality of her divorce. After thirty years of living with the same man and raising their children together, she has decided to do what she had the opportunity to do when she was in college, but never did. She is going to go to travel the mysterious and romantic cities of Spain. Madrid, Seville, Toledo, Barcelona. Oh, how she loved the coffee table books she decorated the house with until he told her that the children would mess them up by looking at them.

She didn’t care, the books were to widen their horizons. And they did travel. One is in France, the other in Costa Rica. And she is still stuck here.

But not for long. Because now she is free. Free to study a language if she would like, and so she is studying Spanish, and will be going to see the country of her dreams soon.

She won’t be caught there in the winter, or of she is, she’ll have a warm, nice, European coat and replace this thermal fleece jacket to blend in with the people who have been there for their whole lives. Her hair will relax in the dryness there, and the unwieldy curliness of it will drift into waves of softness as she has more time for her to focus on it. She’ll keep her glasses, they are her. Her myopia is one of the things that she loves, because of it’s imperfections, and still unique parts of her.

Soon she will be sipping a rich red wine looking out over the green grey shimmering olive groves stretching out as far as the eye can see.



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