Dry Cheerios

I can’t wait until I am living in only one house. Because then I will be able to know what I am going to have for breakfast. I went to buy supplies to make soup for John, because he was sick, and I got him some cereal and milk. And then when I woke up this morning to have breakfast… my fridge has no milk. Because even though I bought some, it didn’t come to my house, just John’s. And so, what is a girl to do? What should she do, already late, rushing out the door to go to work. What is best dry? Raisin Bran? Frosted Mini-Wheats? Cheerios? Yeah, that should work. Dry Cheerios, speedily poured into a Kabab & Curry container and rushed out the door. Standing, waiting for the bus, tiny circles of oats consumed in the weather that is just a little warmer than it should be.

Tornadoes are coming.

And so. I want to be able to shop for only one house. To know when I will be eating where and who will be there. This is one reason I don’t feel called to a community house, I want to know when I am going to need more milk.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking for a bunch of people, but the need to go to the grocery store because I never know what is going to be available in the pantry is gonna start wearing on me. I actually don’t know from day to day where or what I am going to eat. And that makes making the decision of what to have for breakfast just a little more difficult than what is the usual standard.

I should eat. Otherwise you can hear my stomach growling from a few seats away. And I should eat, because it helps me be able to focus, and think on the subjects in my studies.

Cereal is pretty cheap. But you have to plan to have it. And the milk that goes with it. Or then you are stuck just having dry Cheerios on the bus. And only a handful at that.

I try to be creative when it comes to meals, I think food should be something that can create and sustain you, not just keep you going on like the gas in a car. And when I do cook, the preparation of my food soothes me as I carefully slice or dice or tear what will be going in my salad. I am blessed that I have so many options, and that I can be able to decide what I want to have for dinner, then go get it for myself. But it is the planning and the deciding that takes so much energy. And coming home from school, I really don’t want to think that hard, anyway. I can make just about anything, but that plethora of options really does not help me when I want to eat in the next hour. I know that anything I make might possibly be better than what I can get quickly from any restaurant, but a restaurant is just so much easier. I don’t even have to get John to do the dishes. (Which he does willingly and expertly, by the way.)

So. Now. What will I have for dinner tonight…?

Will it be a pizza, barbecue, Thai, soup, pasta, Indian, or just another bowl of cereal…


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