Matthew 11:2-11

What Would Jesus Do?

What Did Jesus Do?
Blind receiving sight.
Lame walking.
Lepers cleansed.
Deaf who can hear.
Dead raised.
Poor have good news brought to them.

That is what Jesus did. What would Jesus do? Jesus would go to the least and the last and the lost and the hungry and the weak and the poor and the tired and the filthy and the incarcerated and the rude and the sad and the proud and the isolated and the lonely and the ones who have no hope anymore. And Jesus would heal them and bring them the Good News. Jesus would not set out a worship service and call it “seeker friendly” and expect the millennials to arrive in droves because of the flashy lights and drum sets. Jesus would seek out those he wanted to join him, and create a relationship with them. And know them.

Jesus knew these people. Jesus felt these people. Jesus loved these people. They were his own. Even as they were lost.

So we are to love. What would Jesus do? Love them. What are we to do? Love them. Find them. Bring the news to them, not expect them to find the right place and the right time. We have to go, take the news out, proclaim it, whisper it, dance it, live in our lives every single day so that when people look at us and wonder what makes us so very odd, they can see that we are not our own. We are possessed. By God.


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