The Secret: A Brief Story

I wrote this from a prompt literally pulled from my hat, based on a secret that someone else wrote.

I didn’t mean to. Well… kinda. I didn’t mean for it to get this far. All the times I was waiting and couldn’t seem to get us both on track, it just didn’t make sense. So really, what was left to do but this?

Ok. Back story.

But the thing is, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was doing my job and then this mess happened. I didn’t plan it this way. Sure, we weren’t getting along, and we had some problems, but this?

This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. I was just trying to teach him a lesson. He had been bugging me. You know the way some people just get on your nerves? Yeah, he is one of those guys that just rubbed me the wrong way all the time. And so, I didn’t feel so bad about leaving him there, alone, false promises standing, because it would pay him back for annoying me so much all the time.

I told him I would meet him, and we would talk, and I didn’t want to do it somewhere where everyone would see me, because then what would they think, if I was seen with him. And so he went. And I watched. And we weren’t really supposed to go there, it wasn’t allowed, it was trespassing. And so he… He got caught. And now he’s in jail because of what I did. I promise, it was not supposed to be like this. I was going to teach him a lesson, get him to stay away from me. I had nightmares about him doing things to me, and now the nightmares are about what I have done to him.

Three years left… That is still such a long time. children learn to walk and speak in that time. people meet and get married in that time.

And he… He is stuck there for his time of punishment. Of re-education. Of justice so he can re-enter society.

He won’t. He won’t know how. He was already so awkward, and now it will just be worse, He really can’t handle it. Either he will learn and toughen up, or he will be beat up by everyone and their brother.

If he survives, I still can’t tell him, he would not know how to forgive me, because I think he doesn’t even know how to begin.


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