A Genesis Prayer

“Dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” –Genesis 3:19

“And God breathed his Spirit into the dust, and they were made alive.” –Genesis 2:7

Come Holy Spirit, breathe into us the breath of life, that we may live and move and have our being in you. For we are parched and crumbling without your ruach Spirit in our lives.

God, in your Spirit I find my rest. O God, you have called me to a vibrant and joyful and fruitful and holy life in you. Grant me the grace to see the way that I may live into the life that you have granted me. Be the Spirit that holds me safe when I feel so desperately alone. Be the rock that I set my faith upon and the space I enter to worship you.

Your life runs over me like a never-ending river, like a fountain that never stops, like a spring that never runs dry. Refresh me in you. Comfort me in your Love. You have promised to love me, and all those around me, with the might of a force five hurricane and the comfort of a gentle breeze.

Drift around me and lift me up. Place me in the midst of your whirlwind, and hold me in the eye of your storm, and scatter everything but what is crucial to my life in you. Your faith carries me on.

God. It is in your life that I stand. Crush me down. Build me up. Fix me to your firm foundation and enliven my heart with the closeness of your Word.

Take my breath away and fill me with yours instead.

O God, you love your children, you furiously fight for them like an eagle defending her nest. Let me feel the comfort of your wings encircling around me. Hold us in your grasp and place us in your center.

Center us in you so that regardless of what comes to tear us away from you will be cast away. Allow me to see the way that you love me. You do love me. You cherish me. You hold me. You carry me through, with all my burdens and fears and you give me Life.

Hallelujah. Praise your name. Praise your storm. Praise your Word. Praise your faith. Praise your strength.

Thank you for my weakness, because it allows me to see you more clearly.

All honor and glory and power are yours, God Almighty; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All praise to you, from every corner of your creation. All wonder is yours.

Creator, create me anew.

Redeemer, call me out of this place.

Sustainer, keep me in your living Life.

All life is yours God. I will live in you.



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