Reflections from Two Weeks Ago

Four weeks in, and I am still having fun. It hasn’t all been honeymoon, but it has been a good introduction to the family and a learning experience about what I need to learn to let go of. Still need to let go of some stuff, but my comfort zone is not a place, rather the amount to which I can control my surroundings. Still learning that. Really, I’m just itching to get to our new home and churches, and figuring out what we’re doing next. We’ll see how we go on, and I cannot wait to see how we are going to be pastors in our new places.

I’m looking forward to creating a new rhythm and a new life within this new place. I have fallen into rhythms with others, especially with John, but I am looking forward to creating an intentional set of spaces and times for us to be husband and wife. I have set up house before, but really, that was in Kenya and though I bought a bed and a couch and a number of buckets, that was in Kenya and I couldn’t bring any of it back.

What an interesting thought, I had this full, whole house, and I brought only what I could carry back with me. How strange, that I am so consumed by the packing and moving and shifting that I have forgotten that I had left it all behind and given it away. Why cannot I now do that and shift and move and disconnect from the stuff, and move on to the joy and promise that is waiting in this promise and covenant we have begun.

Covenant. We have covenanted to create this life and world and new space among us. And the challenge will be: how do we create what is good, and how do we keep from falling into the same unhappy and unhealthy habits that we should avoid? It will take practice. It will take times when we fail. It will not be easy, but then again many things that are worth it are hardly ever easy. We will have to make choices, but we are blessed by the choice that we are provided. I am looking forward to that blessing.


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