you will travel to many places

On my computer’s dashboard I have 4 clocks. It is like at a news station, when the different places are represented, so that you know when something is, and at what point in the day those places have reached. The time zone display.

My clocks are: Atlanta, London, Paris, and Nairobi.

Three of them I have been to in the past year. The other is a trip I still want to take.

So when my fortune cookie prompt tells me that I will travel to many places, what does it mean? I got this one probably before any of these trips, it seems that I have saved my fortunes for so long, that I have ones from even before high school.

If a fortune told me, before high school, that I would travel many places, then it clearly it has turned out to be true. I keep tabs on places I have been, and countries I have entered. It is almost like a prayer, a way to keep them in my head, as I figure out what meal is next for them. If they have a meal.

But what if my fortune did not mean countries, what if it meant places in this state? What if it meant places in experiences? What if it meant new places in a relationship?

What could places mean, to a fortune cookie?

… … …

Now, this wondering is not really putting any faith in the power of a small slip of paper in a mass produced free after dinner cookie. Rather, the question is more for how I can use something I have read and kept with me for a long time so that I can see more ways to reach those around me.

What if places to travel to meant being present in many homes and in many relationships. What if going to new places meant discovering ever more mysteries in those around me.

… … …

As a new pastor, I have been discovering many new mysteries in the new people that are surrounding me. Histories of hurt, pain, joy, passion, confusion, injury, triumph, and wonder surround me. I do love stories.

I love stories, and I love the people who tell them. I love the ministry I am privileged to enter into when I can hear a story and share in it.

Those around me are wonderful representations of the image of Christ. How amazing it can be to see the reflection of our God in each face and heart.

I have traveled to this place. As I discover every new facet of this place, and each individual in it, I cannot wait to see where God will take me in my explorations.


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