The Uninvited Guest

The door bell rings. You wonder why, but you go to the door, to answer it. There stands someone that you do not know very well, but you have seen them in your town a few times. You invite them in, and begin to wonder where their story will lead you.

Those who enter your house are guests, whether or not you have invited them to come in. At some point, you have invited them into your home.

He who enters our church, enters our community. Though we have not extended an engraved invitation to those who pass by our doors, we still desire those outside to enter in. Unfortunately, though this is what we say on a regular basis, often we do not feel comfortable with those unlike us when they enter without an invitation, or not on our terms.

What we need to realize as a Church, is that we have extended a continual and constant invitation to join the grace and peace that resides in the loving community of the body of Christ. The motto of “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” should not be an empty promise.

But without an example, we get lost. If you have never seen the uninvited guest find rest, it is hard to know how to welcome them in. How do you make someone comfortable, when you yourself are nervous and jittery? How do we invite them in, and how do we continue to build community?

There is no one right answer. It is going to be different for each separate individual involved. The attitude that helps is that you can learn from each time you meet with someone new. There is a way that you can see Christ in them, and a way that you become Christ for them. In a way, every guest, invited or uninvited, is Christ in disguise.

How will you invite Christ today?


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