The Drama of the Justice Fountain

There is drama in the faces,
There is hope in the fountain,
There is justice in the measure of a man.
What can you hope to find in the depths of the fountain,
And how can you hope to measure the scale of what is there?
If everyone wears a mask,
How do you know what is real?
Measure the real,
and taste the water.
Sink to the depths of the fountain
As a stone,
Then rise up pure and whole.
For justice will only flourish
When the masks are removed
And everyone is washed clean
In the fountain of the light.
Come, dwell in the light and
Drink from the fountain
That showers justice over the people.

What if we could walk into the waters of a justice fountain? How would our faces be different if all the masks were revealed? How would we see each other? With more mystery, or less. I know in my heart that when we look behind and beyond the mask that we put on other’s faces, that we will be able to see more than merely the humdrum normalness of the person before us. What I hope to find in everyone is the difference that holds them together.

How can I find it?
Perhaps I need to be washed clean first.

Perhaps only then will I be able to find my own mystery, and so begin to see the mystery of others. What will it feel like to be washed clean like that? Will it hurt? I pray that I am plunged deep into that cleansing flow that will remove all traces of prejudice and hate and fear from my being.

Wash clean. Wash clear. Wash thoroughly through me so that only the light of the just shines through. Let your light dwell in me, and shine out and let others flourish in the bright light of the Fountain of Justice.


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