Heart Song

Relax. And let your heart speak. Only then will you let them see what drives you, where your passions lie. Relax. And let your soul sing its way to the truth. Only then will something great happen. It won’t be perfect, it won’t be Pulitzer material. But it will be true. And then, then it will become great. Then, it will become something from one heart, that will move others. Then, it will be the way that true hope and joy are found.

Think about it, who “lives” in my heart, by being, my core?

I pray, continually, that it is the essence of the Spirit who lives and moves and inhabits my being, influencing my every thought and action. I don’t always allow the Spirit to move through me, and that is when I become that one who I don’t like, who gets aggravated with others all too easy. In times like those, I pray the Spirit would take over. Speak instead of me. What does she say?

What thoughts come from her heart? Can those thoughts be my thoughts? Can those words be my words?

What do I have to say anyway? I am still only learning to listen.

How do I listen to the one who resides in my heart, and among all of us, and then how do I determine when it is the very base need that arises from my independent fallen self? What does this bloody, ever pumping thing have to say anyway?

It is jealous, defensive, decidedly determined that it should get its way. But I don’t want that. Not most times. I cannot live in a world where I get my way all the time. Not only because I would draw away from others, but I have so many other better worlds than the one I create on my own.

Let my heart sing. Let it sing a duet with the Spirit, and let us fall into infinite part harmony with those around us. Create in us a concert, a symphony that echoes through the cosmos.

It is when I relax that my heart can sing. And then, great thoughts and sounds and songs and musings will come. And we will sing of the infinite expressions of the Most High One Director and Leader who merely lifts his hand, and all take notice.


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