You Cannot Push the River

When I try to push the river, the water merely slips through my fingers. It does not matter how I cup my hands or move my body, the river does not push.


I remember a time when I was working in a creek. I had been given a service project and told to help the environment. (my two passions). We were to make “Trout Triangles.” To make them, stones were picked from the center of the creekbed, and placed/thrown into moderately organized structures along the shore. The triangles took shape as we continued to throw stones on top of each other. We were helping the creek to be a better environment for the local trout by making the water run deeper, faster, and colder. Just by making the trout triangles. We did not push the river. We helped to shape it.

The situation can change, but it is not by sheer will. The situation will only change if we come together and build together. If we use the resources we have lying around, those things that we thought were just a part of the scenery, or even stumbling stones, then we can build a new home for our community. the changes with the individual stones were small, and seemingly insignificant. But together, with a plan and a structure, they became a new and unique part of the river. Pushing it deeper and faster.


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