Psalm 18 Prayer

I love you, O Lord my strength, O Lord my stronghold, my crag, and my haven.  ~~~Psalm 18:1

O Lord, I need strength. Lord, I need strength to do what I do each day. Lord, I should not live in a space where I am only asking to do more, but I do ask that I do more that points towards you each day. Too often my culture only asks me to do more, without defining the direction or purpose of the more. I want my more to be the more that you would purpose for me and the ministry with which you have blessed me.

Lord, my strength comes only from you. Deliver to me the way that you would have my strength be directed towards your will. I am like a straw bent in the wind, and you are the stronghold for me to rest within. Help me rest in you.

God, I am caught in the midst of you and I want to be caught again.

You stand me out in the presence of all who surround me. All that I am is revealed. I desire to scale your heights as a climber, moving from handhold to handhold in your presence. You guide my way.

You catch the light of dawn before all other peaks. You shine your light above the rest and I reflect back your glory. I want to shine more purely, I want to reflect ever more of your goodness and light.

Hold me in your strong arms, let me find a rest in you. God you are the Haven I run to. In you I find shelter and protection. In you, I find peace.


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